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The first training module about teaser video took place!

1.07.2023 In the charming Castello Pasquini Castel of Castiglioncello thanks to the hospitality of Inequilibrio Festival 2023

The activities started with the meeting The lives show meets the audiovisual. Artists and videomakers in dialogue where introduced the topic of teaser video, where the interest in this format comes from and presented the E+ project Teaser Video: short preview videos of theater performances and the performing arts, at the audience stimulating immediatly the dibat with the interventions of Elisa Bianchi, Elisabetta Mancini, Attilio Scarpellini ad Angela Fumarola.

The topic was of interest to those present, artists and video makers but also entertainment operators and actors who wanted to deepen their knowledge of the medium. There was presented the content of the first training module: From trailer to teaser of theater performances and the performing arts which summarizes the results of the research and the path developed in the last 18 months, with the interviews and contributions from Romina De Novellis, Chiara Mignemi, Valeria Mutinelli, Orlan, Rossella Piccinno, Pauline Rossignol, Paola Ugolini, Pierandrea Rosato.

The presentation of the module, which also included video projections, aroused new reflections, confirming that there is a growing interest in the development of the potential of video communication in relation to entertainment.

To be continued in Paris in the coming months…