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Partner Atelier Essenza

Atelier Essenza is a 1901 association, created in 2014, with the aim of transmitting somatic and mind-body methods through specific workshops, group courses, theoretical workshops, individual meetings and public conferences.

We work with an intersectional approach that aims, among other things, to establish inclusive strategies with very different bodies: adults, children, people with disabilities, and to incorporate the reality of women who are marginalized or minoritized. In dialogue with osteopaths, therapists, shiatsu therapists, psychologists, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts, we work on the borderline between caring for the body and finding oneself.

Atelier Essenza is a space at the crossroads between pedagogy, social integration, scientific research and artistic creation. The courses are held in the two premises of Paris 3 and Paris 10: surrounded by works of art and books, the Atelier Essenza is also the place of Romina De Novellis’ artistic work. The occasional workshops in Italy, in Galatina (Lecce), are held in the DOMUS Artist Residency, an international residence for artists, curators and researchers (especially women) from the Mediterranean.


Romina De Novellis

Artist, teacher and organizator

Mariacristina Lattarulo

Head of production

Pauline Rossignol

Assistant Manager